Accidental Creampie When Condom Breaks

An unfortunate but somewhat common after effects of condom use is the accidental creampie when said condom breaks during intercourse. When a person thinks about birth control one has to remember that rubbers are only 99% effective when used properly and they do have a sell by date that a person should pay close attention too.

Well this set of pictures was sent to me by Joe and it clearly demonstrates the possible risks involved when you only use a rubber. His girlfriend Ashley is the blonde and to the left is Rebecca who is the girl who received the accidental creampie when the condom breaks during a bit a lust and oversight by Joe.

They had frequently engaged in threesome activities but this evening things went a bit over the top. Joe says he was banging both girls pretty hard and during the cock swap the rubber must of split, or it was out dated. He went back into Rebecca and couldn't hold back his orgasm any longer and began to cum. Once he pulled his spent pecker from Rebeccas pussy he knew things where wrong when a load of creampie followed and they realized his entire load or sperm was not sitting inside the teens fertile hole.

There was a bunch of apologies but Rebecca was clearly upset and as you can witness from the image Ashley is trying to comfort the now knocked up Rebecca. They didn't know at the time but this accidental creampie did impregnate the young teen so be careful if you only rely on prophylactics for birth control.

Poor Girl Suffers Accidental Creampie

This is a pretty awesome picture and one that expresses the ultimate look of fright from a poor girl suffering from an accidental creampie deposit inside her tender fertile hole.

You can tell just by the look on her face that something has gone really wrong here and if I where to ponder a guess I would say that white glob of sperm dripping from her creampie snatch is what most of that suffering is about.

Its not often you get to witness a true accidental creampie because most girls run off in a frenzy in an attempt to clean the semen from their twats but thankfully this picture was taken before she could do so.

Its obvious by the look in her eyes that the sperm dripping from her pussy wasn't meant to be and while this poor girl suffers from an accidental creampie we get to stroke one out from her misfortune.

Accidental Creampie In Drunk Wife

Hey we are cranking out the updates to this category and in this picture we get to see the results of one night of fun that one husband had when he left the love of his life with an accidental creampie in his drunk wife.

After a long night of drinking he says they returned home for some hot sex but in his confused state he made the mistake of pushing, when he should have pulled.

Here is his story of the accidental creampie in his drunk wife and he is sticking to it! My drunk wife Carol and I had tore up the town one evening and after things calmed down we headed for home. She was smashed beyond belief and when she gets like that I know I will be getting some pussy.

Once snug in bed the heat was cranked up and we fucked like a pair of rabbits. Carol isn’t on birth control and we didn’t have any condoms to use so we agreed to do it the old fashioned way and pull out to cum. Well that didn’t work to well as in her drunken state she wasn’t able to figure out I was ready and she needed to get off me, needless to say I filled her pussy with cum. She was upset but let me snap a picture and as you can see a gooey creampie is bubbling up from her snatch so she will be hitting the drug store tomorrow for the day after deal.

Teen Gets An Accidental Creampie

How many times have you heard this, sorry I was gonna pull out of you but you just felt so good I couldn’t stop. Well for this cute teen I’m sure those words won’t help her attitude out much and as you can see when this teen gets an accidental creampie she holds a grudge.

According to her boyfriend Miss Priss wasn’t on birth control so her reactionary look in this picture is justified I would say. The only side effect to the his lack of control was that she refused to have sex with him for another two weeks but hey, he got a damn fine photograph out of the deal!

The sperm bubbling up from the lips of her teen pussy and the look of disgust on her face really give this image the life it needs to be here. Its not often we get to see the look after a teen gets an accidental creampie so take part and enjoy his two week sabbatical of no sex and just pound one out in his honor.

On another note when finished here, check out this post and see this girl get an unwanted creampie at the other blog.

Young Blonde Gets Accidental Creampie

I have to say this is one of my favorite pictures of all times and not just because it shows the full body shot of a sweet young blonde with a creampie in her pussy but because of the story and the accidental way she got it.

You can tell by the look on her face that she isn’t pleased by the current state of affairs, actually she looks like she is about to cry over this accidental creampie situation and here is the story why.

I found this photo at a message board and it was posted by the young blonde’s boyfriend who took it upon himself to satisfy a fetish he enjoys at the expense of this lovely young girl. From the story he told they had returned home from a night of club bouncing and dancing, and of course drinking, and obviously one thing led to another and he soon had the tiny teen on the floor with cock in her twat.

In her half drunken state she didn’t make him wear a condom but was insisted that he not creampie her young blonde pussy but in a state of self satisfaction he just held his ground and blew a load of sperm up her vagina. As you can tell this was a tad upsetting but we love the sight when a young blonde gets an accidental creampie and had to share it with you all.

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