Creampie In Drunk Wife

Oh my god I am in love with this busty hot wife’s pussy hole and thankfully so is her horny husband. On top of that she is a drinker and apparently she can’t handle her booze to good because Dill, her hubby, was able to blow a creampie in this drunk wife.

Dill says they where out drinking up a storm one friday night and when they got home she was pretty plastered. Before she even hit the front door she was stripping off her clothes and her panties only made it to the kitchen. Once she hit the bed however things went down hill fast, passing out almost immediately from all the liqueur in her system.

Dill mentioned he stood there in amazement at the sight of his hot wifes puffy pussy hole and couldn’t resist pulling out his cock, he knew right away there would be a drunk creampie in his drunk wife soon so he grabbed the cam and snapped off a bunch of pictures.

He buried that pecker in her box and wanted to use his wife like no other but the feeling of her tight snatch sucked to sperm right out of his cock. He tried to pull out but most of his sperm found its target and his drunk wife’s snatch was full of gooey spunk. He left her laying there used and abused with all that cum deep in her womb and apparently the next morning she knew nothing about the drunk creampie she got that evening.

Creampie After Drunk Fuck

Oh my god this is a nice example of a drunk creampie after a good drunk fuck and it was supplied by Derrin who snapped this photograph of his young girlfriend just seconds after unloading a batch of baby makers into her shaved fertile pussy hole.

After a long night of drinking and dancing he got her loaded up in bed and soon had his grove going but as he explained in his post Mellanie didn’t really want him blowing in her snatch.

He can explain it better than I so here it is… Mel and I had been out and really tearing up the town. I knew she was approaching that point of no return so I convinced her to head back to my apartment, little did she know a drunk creampie was in her future.

Once inside it didn’t take much convincing to get her naked and soon I was cock deep in her. She kept telling me not to cum inside but she was in no position to resist and when the time came so did I, filling her up with spunk. When I pulled out my cum spilled from her hole and I took this, a great drunk creampie shot after a hot drunk fuck left Mel rather unhappy but I didn’t care at all.

Home Drunk With Creampie

Car sex is always fun and I truly like to bang chicks in the backseat of any automobile but rarely do you get to snap a pic of a woman home drunk with a creampie in her snatch.

Lucky for us Derick managed to get his girlfriend to bend over with a pussy full of his spunk after such a night and while the sticky wetness isn’t shown you can clearly tell this bitch walked in with a freshly fucked pussy.

Here is the story.. Hey guys Derick here, want to share my experience of drunken auto sex with my girl Lane. We where out drinking and dancing, basically bar hopping, one night and on the way home I asked her to blow me while going down the road. We where almost home anyway so I thought being drunk I could at least send her home with a drunk creampie in her throat.

She backed out of that one being somewhat of a prude so I offered to pull over and find a quiet dark spot, which I did. Once parked and ready she refused so I asked if a little boom boom would be cool and she reluctantly agreed. Don’t think I need to go play by play but this picture tells the tale of Lane home and a drunk creampie in her twat, she walked in and bent over to show it off.

Creampie Inside Drunk Girl

What could be better than coming home from a night on the town, stripping down your hottie, and then dropping a nice sperm bomb in her twat? Well I can’t think of anything so here comes the latest and greatest shots of drunk creampie inside drunk girls.

Our first contestant is Jessie and this picture was sent to us by her boyfriend Rob. Rob described the night like this. I picked up Jess at her parents house and headed over to frat party my bud was having. We hit the house at about 8 and tore it up like rock stars.

Jess was in her usual drunken state by midnight so we burned it back to my place to catch some sleep, or so she thought, but my mind was hoping for a juicy drunk creampie picture.

Once back in my apartment I put the moves on her and soon had her stripped naked and putting the cock to her drunk ass. She kept telling me to cum on her belly but I wanted some of that pussy so when the time came I banged off a load inside her drunk pussy. When I pulled out she gave me that look and I captured it perfectly so if you like the sight of a drunk creampie inside drunk girl pics post this one to your blog.

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