Passed Out Sleeping Creampie

Nice view here I would say as this picture contains not only a nice creampie but a passed out sleeping wife named Maria. Joshua emailed this image to me and asked if I would post it along with the story of how he managed to get a photograph of his wife’s creamy twat.

Apparently the couple had been out running the town like a wild pair of jack rabbits when the booze finally caught up with Maria. Josh tried to get his lovely lady home for some sex but knew there would no chance for love if he made the long journey back to his apartment.

He did what most horny guys would do with your drunk half passed out wife, he pulled the car over and pulled off her panties and made her take a pussy pounding right on the side of the road. He nailed his hot girl hard and of course left her with a load of cum dripping from her cunt then finished the journey home.

Maria barely made it in the door when she passed out and was soon sleeping contently on the living room floor. Josh wanted to see if the creampie if dumped in her hole would still be fresh so he slipped off her pants and panties and hunted down a camera. Lucky for him some of that cum was still there and he captured this pictures of a nice passed out sleeping creampie.

Creampie My Sleeping Wife

Time for a nice juicy close up shot of one loaded up ladies pussy hole. Ramond sent me this picture from a night of naughty behavior where he took advantage of his wifes deep sleep by pulling her panties down around her butt and blowing a load of sperm up her twat.

I must say this dude can pump out a load and I would let him creampie my sleeping wife anytime he wanted if this is his normal batch of goodies. Sleeping creampie shots like this don’t always capture the essence of this blog but its not easy taking video or photos without waking up the better half.

Regardless, for those who like panties, pussy, and a creampie in a sleeping wife you will enjoy this shot as it clearly shows in high detail the after mess left when Ramond uses his girls box for his own pleasure. I wonder what that snatch felt like in the morning when she woke up, I’m betting her pussy lips where glued shut and the smell of nasty sex must have filled the room.

This is from him, please post this image of a creampie in my sleeping wife. I used her like a whore one night and this was the result. I pulled her panties back up around her used pussy afterwards and the sperm stain looked really hot in the morning.

Blonde Sleeping With Creampie

For some reason this page seems to get a lot of attention even though its some what new and I believe its because there is a fascination with a sleeping girl with a creampie in her snatch.

This picture tells the whole story of that type of action and as you can see this hot blonde wife seems to be out cold and if you look the left over sperm from a good fuck is covering her hairy plump pussy.

The bed sheets are clearly soaked with semen and them busty tits are hanging out for all to witness. Tom mailed us this pic of his blonde sleeping wife with a nice creampie inside her twat.

He says she often sleeps almost naked and after a long day of work passes out cold which allows him to do about anything he wants. On this particular evening he found her without panties and decided to fill up her hot blonde wifes snatch with cum

He mentioned is was a bit of a trick and was only able to get the head of his penis slid up between the lips of her pussy but once he started to cum some of his shaft slipped into her and he got off a few good squirts before pulling out for this picture of his blonde sleeping wife with a juicy creampie dripping down her ass crack.

Passed Out Wife Sleeping Creampie

What a beautiful sight this is, a hot wife passed out with a nice load of cum dripping from her sleeping pussy. Pop shots like this really get your blood flowing, especially in my cock.

Donny sent us this picture of his wife Rachel after taking advantage of his girl one late night evening. He explained that she passed out while the two where watching television after popping down a couple of sleeping pills.

Apparently she had problems each night and while Don was happy about her constant use of the pills he desided that it wasn’t gonna slow his sexual desires down so after waiting for the drugs to kick in he went to work and put the cock to his passed out wife and deposited a nice creampie in his sleeping wife.

Rachel slept naked most evenings and on this night there where no exceptions so after spending a few hours waiting I slipped the covers off my naked wife and went in for the kill. It feel of her tight pussy was amazing and I found myself really enjoying this type of kink. I was a bit nervous but that sort of added to the erotica and I almost instantly started to cum inside her. After the throbbing of my spewing cock stopped I pulled back to view my conquest and watched as my sperm flowed from my passed out wife and her first sleeping creampie romp.

Sleeping Girl Gets A Creampie

I knew a girl long ago that would sleep like a rock and thankfully so. I can’t tell you how many nights I slid into that warm tight pussy for some midnight fun. Its a different feeling then normal sex to as while asleep a woman’s vagina is extremely tight and it usually only takes a minute to cum once your inside her.

This next image is nice as it shows the after effect when a sleeping girl gets a creampie and the sperm is flowing from that lovely pussy. A user by the handle of oiceeyou posted this one of his girl and said she was sleeping peacefully nude when he got home and after the discovery he went in and knocked off a woody inside her cunt.

Since she was naked it wasn’t difficult, just stroked some lube on his pecker and slid in to her warm wet hole. After about 10 strokes he dumped a load of sperm in her box and rolled back for a quick picture of this sleeping girl gets a creampie for all to see and enjoy.

Girl Gets Creampie While Sleeping

Seems a lot of guys like the idea of sleep sex for some reason so this blog will be dedicated to not only this kinky fetish but also the added benefit of the internal cumshot.

I like many have been brought out of a good sleep only to fin what could be described as midnight wood. To wake with a big stiff cock in the late night hours does suck and hey if you have a nice pussy next to you then you might as well slip in and get some right.

This pic was shared by a board member and it shows the girl gets a creampie while sleeping. Its truly a hot shot as you can see clearly the sperm dripping from her freshly fucked snatch and she is obviously out cold. James, they guy who posted it, says they came home late from the dance club and she crashed on him. He was still ready for action and she was naked so hey, doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what came next so he put cock to the girl and she gets a creampie while sleeping, and I think when she wakes up in the morning with her lips stick tight she wont be to happy.

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