Wife Did Not Want This Creampie

This hot wife has that look going, you know, the one that says your a cocksucker for blowing a load of sperm in my cunt you prick. From the reading I got of this her name is Deb and its obvious this wife did not want this creampie deposited inside her pussy.

I will say though that its a damn good creampie and considering it probably knocked her pussy up made it even more erotic. The picture was taking by one of her stud lovers as Deb husband was a cuckold and loved to have his wife slip out to the bars and pick up strange men for sex.

She would take the camera with her to capture some of the fun but on this trip she got more than expected when the gentleman she hooked up with took her back and laid some spunk down that she did not want.

The wife did not want this creampie as her cuck hubby explained but when they hit the sack no condom was available. Her stud laid some cock to her bareback and instead of following her directions he just blew a load of sperm in her twat. When he pulled off he snapped this shot, wiped the cum of his pecker, and walked out the door.

Rather Upset After This Load In Her

Its been somewhat of a dry spell since our last post so I was overjoyed to see a few new submissions in the old mailbox. We have searched high and low for new contributors and while browsing one of my favorite creampie hangouts I came across Timothy’s post where he was discussing a one night stand he had with this chick named Carla.

He was tearing up the local club one night and picked up Carla, who he says was prime for the picking, and ready for some sex based on her slutty demeanor. He took a bit of time working the young blonde college student in an attempt to secure a night of passion and within a few hours, and a few drinks, convinced her to slip back to his dorm for some fun.

He knew the evening was proceeding well when Carla made the first move, pulling out the erection from his short, and giving the lucky stud a roady. It took all the willpower he could muster not to blow a load in her throat and was somewhat releaved when they finally arrived home, as he truly wanted to feel the young ladies flower and more importantly give the sweety a nice gooey creampie to take home.

After sneaking into his room the love making quickly began with the little slut barey being able to contain herself. Tim says he didn’t even bother pulling off all her clothes and instead just removed her top and jerked the panties off her lovely shaved snatch. He says the little princess never mentioned anything about protection so he assumed all was good and quickly put the hammer down on her ass in doggy position.

After the long blow job in the car he didn’t last long, and soon could feel stream of semen flowing from his balls as one spurt after another ejaculated from his member flooding the fertile teens twat and this is when he found her rather upset after feeling the load in her. She pulled away and rolled over and Tim could clearly see the creampie flowing from her vagina and the upset look on her face as she realized what had just happened.

Pregnant By Unwanted Creampie

This snapshot from love came with a surprise weeks later as the blonde babe gets pregnant by this unwanted creampie which we can see clearly dripping from her cute little snatch.

Dawson was showing off the pictures and made the comment that in a drunken stupor one evening he and and his lovely girlfriend Katelyn where messing around and things got a bit serious.

He had stripped off her panties and was toying around with her bareback when all of sudden he felt that throbbing feeling swell up from his balls. He says he thought she was in the good, for that time of the month, and didn’t think any harm would come from one little unwanted creampie so he let it go and filled the blondes fertile twat with sperm.

She was not only shocked by the accident, if you want to call it that, but she gets pregnant by an unwanted creampie and you can see it in her eyes. Needless to say, five weeks passed and she missed her time and soon found out her puffy little pussy was knocked up.

Wifes Unwanted Creampie

I love to look of a freshly fucked twat and if your here I’m guessing you do as well so when I received this image from Terry I quickly posted it with his story of the time his wife got an unwanted creampie in her pussy.

I consider my wife to be a sexy young thing but as with many other girls she is repulsed by feeling and act of cum dripping from her snatch. I still remember one of our first sexual encounters, a time way back when we where dating, where during intercourse I accidentally let the boys go inside that furry hot box.
She was upset from my advance mostly because she was worried about becoming pregnant but I learned later that it wasn’t just from the sperm deposit. She explained afterwards that it was disgusting going into the bathroom and cleaning off the sticky globs of semen and felt nasty watching the white jism flow from her vagina.

Well not long ago we where having fun and taking photos and I decided it was time for this girl to suck it up so enjoy this picture of my wifes unwanted creampie, its the only one I have.

Girl Gets Unwanted Creampie

If looks tell mood then this girl is having one bad day. Just by the expression on her face you can tell that the unwanted creampie dripping from her snatch is something she didn’t want and doesn’t appreciate. We have have several requests from guys who send in their photos of the moment a  girl gets unwanted creampie so we started this blog out with this one.

Thanks for Joey for the pic and story, which goes like this.. Here is a photograph of my girl Tara that I took recently for your unwanted creampie section. Tara would never let me blow sperm in her twat and always demanded that I pull out or pop on a condom.

Well the problem is I have a love for creampies and wanted badly to capture one but after months of asking she always refused. Long story short I got this image of the girl getting an unwanted creampie and it was well worth the wait. I had her in perfect position as she was a bit drunk, which happens often, and when I felt the cum swell up from my balls I just played it off and let loose like nothing happened. Half way into my load she felt the throb and tried to pull away but it was to late, I filled her pussy with the cum she didn’t want.

I tried to explain that is was accidental but for some reason she didn’t want to believe me. I dumped her about two weeks after this photo.

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